1. Craft


  2. Green tie

    Same pose, different clothes


  3. Grande Perche


  4. Square

    One of the quick sketches about geometrical shapes


  5. Maximus Priores Catulus


  6. Arpeggio

    Great name for a strange man.

    I was watching a chinese movie while I was sketching this, we can totally feel the influence.


  7. Black Swimsuit

    Very simple stuff.


  8. The Naked Me

    Yes, I do have fox ears.


  9. Opium

    I love the fact that they look stoned.


  10. The Seven Steps to become an Invisible Fisherman

    Another Street Fisher and here is how I process.


  11. The Hood Project

    Few silhouettes from my Master’s Degree project. It was all about being protected from the rain at the edge between workwear and sportswear, between womenswear and menswear.


  12. The Explorer

    I often fantasized about being a king when I was young.


  13. Deer Morphing

    Something weird that I can’t explain just happened with the colours of the sneaker. Well I drawn the deer this summer when I was spending few weeks with my family in Burgundy and it’s only two months ago that the deer transformed itself into a shoe.


  14. Old Stuff

    I sketched those like almost 3 years ago and I was kinda proud of it. Kind of. It was supposed to be for a Lanvin sort of imaginary brand.


  15. Japanese goldfish, Jellyfish, Shark & Crawfish

    The thin line between what is doable in real and what is not.